Missoula Tweed Ride

Zootown's splendid fall bicycling event!

Renew your Need for Tweed

The 4th Annual Missoula Tweed Ride is about to begin - Sunday, October 20st, 2013!

Don't they look smashing!Missoula Tweed Ride will be here soon!  This fundraiser for Free Cycles features cyclists in vintage clothing leisurely traversing the trails and streets of Missoula, stopping for tea along the way, and ending with a festive party and a silent auction at Free Cycles. This community event raises bicycle awareness and gives class and style to local motion.

With over 80  splendidly spiffy attendees, last years Tweed Ride was a hoot, and this year the merriment shall continue. 

What: The Missoula Tweed Ride is a leisurely 5 mile bike ride through Missoula followed by a party, bike carnival and silent auction. The Missoula Tweed Ride is a fundraiser to promote youth programs at Missoula Free Cycles.

Where: The festivities will begin and end at Missoula Free Cycles, 732 S. 1st Street West.

When: Sunday, October 20st, 2013. Noon to 5:00 pm.   

Tickets: $10 per individual (12 and under are free!). Tickets are available at Free Cycles.

Complete a Pledge Sheet with $20 or more and get your tickets for $5!

Refreshments include nonalcoholic drinks and snacks before the ride, followed by a hearty meal after the ride. (In order to conserve resources, we ask that you bring a mug or cup with you).

Music will be provided by Cash for Junkers and Baby & Bukowski.

Old time games & activities: Old-timey games and merry-making before the ride will include street chess, pixie bike rides and more!

Dapper attire is encouraged -  Prizes will be awarded for:
 * Best Mustache: Ladies or Gentleman with particularly luxuriant ‘staches.

 * Most Elegant Coiffe: Lady, or gentleman, with the most elegant hairdo.

 * Dapper Chap: The award for the best-dressed gentleman on the ride. Expect the competition to be fierce.

 * Dashing Dame: The award for the most stylish lady on the ride. Again, we're expecting a high-level of competition.

 * Doff of the Cap Award: Rewarding the most civilised behav-iour on the day, this is an award judged by the organisers for the person on the ride who most epitomises the spirit of the Tweed Run. What-ho!

 * Vintage Bike: for bicycles 25 years or older, this award goes to the oldest of the bunch.

Great sources for tweed are: Frankies Mercantile, GoodWill (plus all the other great thrift shops), and Betty's Divine.

Need a bike?  You can build your own bike or rent one at Free Cycles.  Don't want to get your hands dirty? Check out the free rental bikes near Currents for a Dasani cruiser (credit card required as security for the free checkout).

The activity of riding your bicycle during the Tweed Ride is carbon neutral. We strongly encourage you to match our efforts, and consider a sustainable transportation method for your commute to and from the event. 

The Tweed Riders in the UM Homecoming Parade: